Saturday, March 28, 2015

the healing power of SOUP

I had  been ill for several days last week.  I was not interested in eating, or even getting out of bed. My legs didn't work, and my back pain unbearable,  I wanted to just lie there and sleep, so I did.
I decided that I was retired. and If I didn't want to get up, I wouldn' sweet husband was concerned so he asked the Pastor to pray.  Then my best friend from Desert Aire called and said that
she had made me some soup. and would come by to drop it off.,  I had discussed my medicine intake with John, and realized I had forgotten   a vital medicine I take. With the consumption of the medicine, which we had just picked up, an appointment with my hair doer, my friend came by with the soup, I felt like sitting up for the first time in days,

I know it was the magic of her visit, and the delicious soup got me on the road to recovery, 
With the knowledge that she would be by, plus the fact that no one could see me in such a mess
spurred me on to think of ways to get up.  I do feel that soup is good for the soul,  .Not your own soup, but from someone who cared enough to help you get well.  I did get up, and although my walking isn't too good yet, I am on the road recovery.  All because of some special, tasty soup.


  1. What a sweet post Linda :) Soup has always worked for me too. So happy you feel better and hope the meds are back on track. Take care!


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