Friday, March 27, 2015

Pelicans part 2

                                      photo by Linda Marie

This is a photo of a gathering of pelicans I took last time the salmon were everywhere!  I was amazed how big they are!  As I said in my last blog, they must be Our Creator's first bird.  They are like Howard Hughes' Spruce goose.  I love the way the move their giant wings to take off and fly.  Apparently they do form couples.  The white pelicans bob for their food..  The brown ones, who look like they got mixed with a seagull, dive for their food, and were very plentiful in Newport, Ore,  They had stores full of pelican things, and I took many pictured of them on the open Atlantic Ocean.  We had a campsite that was right next to the entrance to the beach full of brown pelicans.  They were there for several years, and then suddenly vanished.  What a magical trip we had!  I even swam in the ocean, which was a little cold in September.  I will try to find my brown pelican trip photos.

We are now back home to our Columbia river abode.  Perhaps when we take a boat trip, I will get more photos of our other exotic birds like Herons!  I love this place!


  1. Vince and I have a small sailboat we hope to try soon ;)
    P.s. if you click on my name you can see my blog link. Tomorrow is the A-Z and comment.

    1. Meant to say you can comment too. Just click on comments after reading my post, say something and click publish. It's easy. That way other bloggers can see you. Click on their names and visit them. Try it, it's fun!

    2. Oh.....and love the pelicans!! You did great with the photo. Ok... I think it's time for bed.


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