Saturday, June 13, 2015


Rachel Dolezal certainly surprised the news world with her adamant charade on being black, even though her biological parents are as white as can be, and insist that she is too.  She is shocked to realize that she is not black, even though her hair and appearance has been made over to look it.

I suppose there is no difference in her  claim to be in the wrong body, as I call a TransRacial, than the TransSexual.

Friday, June 12, 2015


As you can see, I adore my Granddaughter Cailin Emily Arnold.  This picture is from her last birthday at Dry Falls.  Dry Falls is near Coulee City, Washington, and is part of Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park.  She went with John & me to camp in our trailer at Sun Lakes,  Dry Falls is a overlook site that has a wonderful little food stand that serves a variety of foods.

We had a a chicken Caesar salad that was pretty good.  They also had an Ice Cream Stand, so
we had to have an ice cream cone, also.  I haven't had one for years!  (really).

I live in Desert Aire, which is a resort community.  A variety of people live here, including
retirees, who live here full time.  Cailin and I had a glorious time swimming in the river.  August
is very warm (over 90 degrees), and by then, our Priest Rapids Lake is warmer.  Because we are
between two dams:  Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams, It forms two lakes:  ours and Wanapum. 

We also went boating, and Cailin floated on the large inner-tube.  I am afraid I could not do that
sort of thing anymore.  But I will try this year!

Parker Gerrit Arnold is grandchild #2. He is photographed here at the Benton-Franklin Fair near Kennewick, Washington.  He is with us on the Tilt-a-Whirl.  We had a blast.

Parker is a Boy Scout, and won all of the metals available while preparing for "scout-dome".  He is in Jr. High, and like his sister, he plays the Viola.  Cailin plays the violin and cello, and is in the Concert Orchestra as a sophomore in high school.  Both are gifted beyond normalhood, says his Grandma!

Parker and Grandma cut greens for Christmas wreaths and decorations.  He replaces his Dad as my greens cutting partner.
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