Saturday, March 7, 2015

Our Glorious winter

Not that I mind a snowfall, or my cross country ski trips, this winter was exceptionally nice.  A few weeks of cold temps, and a more than stubborn cloud cover, lasting a month was the extent of it.
As beautiful as snow is at Snoqualmie Pass,it still was as bare as a bald man's head.  It was the second time I can remember the lack of snowfall there.  With the East coast and South so crippled by snow, it seems odd that we are now enjoying spring weather, and sunshine, and toasty warm temperatures.  I plan to go down to the beach today, for we expect 70 degrees today.  I will don on my bathing suit, albeit maybe a parka over it, and sit on my lounge chair, enjoying the water of Priest Rapids "Lake" (which is made from being between the Priest Rapids, and the Wanapum Dams on the
Columbia River.  This is where my home, Desert Aire is located.  Not to be surprised, I still keep expecting a Spring snowfall, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


  1. Hasn't it been wonderful? We went for a long walk and the water was as smooth as glass over the lake. I wonder if we are in for a hotter than normal summer.

  2. I walked today on the north path in summer attire. The weather is wonderfully wrong.


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