Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Senior Citizens Thoughts

I was at the store, and all they had was low fat cottage cheese.  I asked the clerks, who did not know what cottage cheese was, and did not speak English, if that was all they had (I do not speak Spanish).  It was, so I brought it home, and I had some, and I could not tell the difference.  In fact, I liked it better.  I find that my taste buds are not as clear as they were when I was young.  That is a good thing, unless someone gives me poison.  However I do not have vast wealth for that to be much of an incentive, so that is a doubtful scenario, unless I am just too annoying for my husband(or others) to stand anymore.

I live in Desert Aire, which is close to Mattawa, a small little Mexico.  I wished everyone Happy Cinco de Mayo, and met with blank stares.  Well, today is the 5th of May, or Mexican Independence from France.  In 1861-63, Mexico fought for their independence from Napoleon III of France, and won.  That is why Mexico celebrates Cinco de Mayo!  The Mexican soldiers defeated the French soldiers in the Battle of Puebula.   They destroyed the Napolian 111 regime in Mexico and started their own dictatatorship of Diaz in the 1860's.  They did not get their independence until the 1900s in September.

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  1. Labels are so funny. Seeing that something is labeled "low fat" often makes me wonder where they keep the "high fat" version. I haven't eaten cottage cheese for months...I think that's how old the container is in my refrigerator. Hope you're feeling better.


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