Thursday, January 19, 2017

Time Marches On

It it great to get back to blogging.  Because my eyes are getting dim, I am switching to large print.  

As I get older, time flies by.  When I was a child, a whole summer
seemed to be a grand and long season.
 We lived across the street from Elizabeth Park, which was my joyous playground, with swings, a slide, tennis court, and even a
pond.  I went back there as an adult, and they filled in the place where I caught polliwogs,  and every other swimming creature
you could imagine. I met my best friend there.  Her older sister spotted me, and took me home to meet Vicki.  We were exactly the same age.   I learned to ride my bike there, and made braided necklaces and ran all day long, except when my mother called me in for lunch, and then, for the day.  Mother's voice 
could be heard for miles.  Like an opera singer!  In those days,
We would go out, and the door would close, and not open again
until we were called in.  Moms could never do that now!

The school year was a lifetime, year by year, yet I was very happy at school.  We had a huge Maple Tree in the middle of the playground.  We played  on it for years, and it sort of separated the girls and boys.  The girls were on the paved part of the playground, where we could play jump rope, hop scotch, square ball, etc.

The boys mostly were on the play field,  for football and baseball, etc.  But the bars were behind their field, closer to the back fence, so we (the girls) would gingerly walk on the edge of the field to play on the Bars.  I would take my jacket off to put under my knee as I turned round and round on them.

So this is the aging of Linda right before your eyes:

                                   Infant Me
                                  2 year old me
                               Adult Me

Aging Me  (present) 
Even as a young mother, time began to speed up, and soon your child is in school, and then you blink, they are grown.  By the time one is a grandmother, a year is like a week, and my first grand baby
is suddenly a senior in High School.
I now hang on to every moment, for time now is cherished!
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