Sunday, March 22, 2015


This is a visual of what the jars of various brains look like.  I don't know if Einstein's brain looks much different, however the folds in this matter suggest that they are all different, and possibly Einsteins brain, especially in the frontal lobe. where we do all of our thinking, memory, imagination, may be where his might vary. I have only seen photos of him by a blackboard adding more and more calculations to this theory to prove his Theory of Relativity.  How one proves such an idea with math formulas is beyond me but I think he had a fellow professor show him some mathematics to help him on his equations .Of course we can't study our own brains yet, or that of another genius like Stephen Hawkins, I imagine there would be differences in all of them, just as you can't tell how smart a person is by looking at their face.  I can tell the intelligence of a person by looking at their eyes.  If they meet your gaze, and have depth in them, it helps.  So Linda Marie's theory of Intelligence links the visual Memory, with the frontal lobes.  Visual Memory is an area of vision that sometimes is overlooked.  But I think it has a great connection with vision.

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