Sunday, March 15, 2015


 I listen to "Wait Wait,  Don't tell Me "  on the radio, and we love it.  They were giving facts about cats

The first thing they said one day was that cats do not like the scent of humans, so that is why they licl themselves after you touch them. So John (my husband and dual cat owner) and I each touched Willard (our 20 lb. white beauty with green eyes, and a loving disposition) did not lick himself.
Next we touched our part Main Coon, not as large as willard, but we do call her Lily the Psycho-cat,.
She did not lick herself, either.  In fact, we have a game I call "Brusha", where she jumps into the bathtub and I brush her and sing Brusha Brusha to her.  She will not leave the house before she is
 by me, and also given water from  the tap/

They  ("meaning the show) next claimed that cats do not forgive.  John has forgotten to give them their food one night, and I have left Lily out overnight (I thought she was hiding inside.  Not only did they forgive us, they even slept on their side of  the bed on their blanket.  Now I am not saying that
they don't punish us..  Sometimes it may be days before they come out of their hiding places, but they
do forgive us, and  leave a mouse carcass or a poor dead little bird at the door as sacrifices for being our pets.  And also, they speak,  I say Good Morning to Willard, and he says "Meorning".

 I ask Lily if she wants out, and she says "meono"

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  1. You have just summed up all the reasons I love cats. Funny!


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