Monday, March 16, 2015


 I know nothing about brains other than they have Einstein's brain a jar next to several others.
I guess it's the frontal lobe that has all of your imagination, memory, and the way you see things..without it and Broca's area for speech, and Warner's area for understanding speech.  I know I have been dropped on my head to many times, but if one like Einstein who has had a perfect brain and a bit more lobes in it and especially enlarged frontal lobe, it may be possible as to why he dreamed up The Theory of Relativity.  I suppose he went to a university and learned the basic math to prove his theory,  I still don't understand this theory, because it is not much different than dropping things off of the Tower of Pisa, but he would need to go up in a satellite and drop thinds to see if there is a curve when they are on the way down.  I would welcome anyone who knows more about this theory to put in their input.  i imagine that Quantum mechanics could show this.  I do love physics, and had taken more of it as a young student!

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