Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Agates, and Pretty Rocks to polish and Beaches to Visit

I love the beach, the hotter the better as long as I am in the water!  As a child I would even try to swim in the sewers around our house, making sure I didn't get my clothes wet, until my mother raced to get my naked 2 year old body home quickly before I even could get in.
Me, under a smaller waterfall inside the grand Palouse falls, which was formally made into the state falls of Washington.
As I was growing up, we lived in the in the Puget Sound area, and our family took trips to Birch Bay, where I found beautiful agates and rocks, which I polished with my trusty  rock polisher.  (as an adult, I have been collecting rocks everywhere we travel to and then polish them.

The pure joy I feel at the beach, whether it is on Puget Sound, or the Columbia is only replace by my love for my  grandchildren, children, friends, and of course, my John
 A swimming pool will do, (me on my floater in our above the ground pool in Everett, )
 I am overlooking the Columbia River from our deck in Desert Aire
John & Me

John and I travel from our new home in Eastern Washington on the Columbia River, to the Pacific Ocean on the Washington coast, to Puget Sound, a channel, fed by the Pacific Ocean, that divides the Coast of Washington from Seattle, and surrounded cities on our other coastline  We love to travel by car, and visit as many places with wonderful water spots from Washington state, down the Oregon and California waterfronts.  After much travel, we find many other attractions inland, brimming with water activities.  I absolutely adore Oregon's  Crater Lake!  One really can't swim there, however it is magnificent
Ferry on Puget Sound, WA
At the ocean on the Oregon Coast

I could go on for hours about our great United States of America gifts for all of our tastes of activities, but only focused on my choices as those for a water baby.

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