Saturday, April 18, 2015

Pelican Reache

We always think we need to name everything.  Our cars have their own names, like our gold Tundra truck is called Golda and my last red Prelude was named Roseee.  So naturally, our new abode in
Desert Aire is known by Pelican Reache.

When we first came here, I saw my first pelican floating by our beach, and that set me on my lifetime quest for pelicans.  One day, we got in our new, to us, boat, that is named Mariah, because that is actually the brand name, and we went with it.  I have already blogged some shots I have taken of pelicans, but we did go after a group of pelicans on our Priest Rapids Lake, and got some more shots.

Well, the big group of them are back at Horn Rapids Dam where the Yakima River is diverted for irrigation, and also where the Pelis hang out for fish migration season.  We just love to look at them, admiring their uniqueness and they are much larger than we imagined!

But, I didn't really start this blog to talk about Pelicans, but I did want to write about what else we do here.

There are three groups of residents here at Desert Aire:

1.  Is the Boaters, and Waterbabies.  That is what we are.  We live on the edge of the Columbia River or, as close to the PUD land as possible.

2.  The Golfers, whose backyards are next to the golf course.  They ride around  in shiny, new golf carts, and of course, go to the "Club", and golf.

3.  Are the Airport people.  They have hangars, where they keep their airplanes, and are backed by the airstrip, our little airport.

So, when my coastal friends ask me what do I do out here all day, I am dedicating this blog to them.
If we want to go shopping, or to a mall, we drive 40  or so miles to the Tri Cities.

We are also close to Ellensburg, where we go to Central Washington University's musicals, or their community theater.  Yakima has a wonderful symphony orchestra (YSO).

We are exactly halfway between Spokane and Seattle, so if I need my Swedish doctors, I can get there.  Our Mattawa Community Medical Clinic, which had doctors and a pharmacy are 5 miles away, so we are set!

That is what most mothers tell their children when they are hanging out, saying they are bored.

That is what I tell my friends that wonder what we can do all day, now that we are retired in Desert Aire.  Desert Aire is a resort community on the Columbia River.  I have been here for two years, and have found many activities and new friends our age.  There is the Bible Study group, the Garden club, and the Book Club.  We do read books that are on lists for such clubs, and I just finished one I liked so much called the Lady Bug Farm, that I ordered the next one in the series.  We do have a new book scheduled, which I will begin next week.

One of the books was The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, was especially interesting, however most of the club ladies were gone for the winter, and the rest hadn't finished it.  It took a lot of perseverance to read that book, because of going back to several time eras.

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  1. I like your pelican sign :) And I still haven't seen a real pelican! Guess that's what happens when you're one of the airport people living on the runway. Time to take a walk! It's funny how people wonder what we do here. I have never been busier.


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