Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day, cont.

Continuing on with my Memorial Day, May 25, 2115, I was first showing my Father and uncles in uniforms and attire of that era of WWII.

First:  My uncle Wilfred Dunnigan and father Gerrit Jansen.
2nd:  My mother Vivian Clarke Jansen
3rd:  father Gerrit Jansen
4th:  Aunt Ruie and Uncle Wilfred Dunnigan (Aunt Ruie is now 95 years old!)
5th:  Dad Gerrit by  a classic old car.

As I was saying, the Civil War was the most vivid, heinous war of all, because it was on our own soil, and had devastating consequences.  With the ending, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

We saw it first hand in Gone with the Wind, which was so realistic and showed the destruction.

Of course our biggest war was saving the world from the Nazis.

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