Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

I adore flowers and my cat! And my Ginger Aile and lemon to help m cough.  Of course my husband and sons.  I got flowers from Jeff and a phone call from Jim.  Hearing from James was a joy. because after Jim's house sold, it was so awesome that he found a house so soon!  He and his ex wife had an agreement that worked out, and they each found houses close to their old neighborhood in Sudden Valley (near Bellingham, Wa)
The arrangement with Willard the cat was mde by me in honor of my friend Mona's vase.  When I get some yellow and blue iris, and they are actually outdoor iris,
plus a few yellow roses.  They went to the church with a few bigger arrangements I had made.

I hadn't planned to be so prolific, but once I  had offered to make arrangements, suddenly I was as though I was designing for a Wedding!

The reason I had to leave the floral department came back to me Monday as I ended up on a ventilator in the Dr.s Office monday.  

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  1. Linda, thanks for your arrangements for the church. They were beautiful and some of our ladies went out in search of more peopple who could be blessed by them.


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