Friday, April 10, 2015

It's My Birthday, and I'll Cry if I want to!

It seems like the 9's in the decade ages, right before there  is a major change a year from now, is
not cheery to me.  No matter how old I get, it does not make me feel any better.

So this is a Lamentful blog.  I do get to go out to dinner, and John made be my favorite cake, and
GOOGLE even wished me a Happy Birthday!I think it is shaping up to be a pretty nice weather day.
I even got  HBD wishes from my relatives, so I am not complaining.  

I did one job of cleaning and pick-up and 2 loads of wash, letting the sheets dry in the fresh spring air, so now I get to sit and read until we leave for dinner!  We are going to the Wind Mill in Wenatchee for dinner, which is one of my favorite places in the whole world!  So the day itself is
promising to be a good one.  I just have feelings of gloom now and again.  I am not able to get into the water yet, because it isn't warm enough.  I imagine by May, it should be warm enough.  I am
not only not getting any younger, I am not getting any thinner, either.  So I have started the Miracle Soup Diet.  If that doesn't do the job, it is starvation next.  I do like the soup, and I have made up my first batch of it.  I do think it is time for my first bowl now, so good-bye and I hope you like your birthdays better than I do today.


  1. Interesting, the soup. I have a so called miracle soup too in my Weight Watcher's book. Probably time I made a batch too....with all this sitting I'm doing in front of the computer.


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