Monday, April 13, 2015

OOps! I thought it was a Taser, not a gun!

I am appalled at the news.  It seems like the Police and their Volunteers don't know the power of their weapons.  I am not a fanatical cause person, but these accidental killings, even if the Killee is a guilty person, has to be stopped.  These are professional, trained persons that are our protectors, but they must know how to stop for a few extra seconds, to know what their impulsive training really means.

Our achievement tests, SATS, IQ, entrance exams, etc. are all geared towards speed, and those that just have fast reflexes, and don't thing things through.  Those that can think that fast, are brilliant, but others that wait another second or 2 to make sure there is not an alternate plan, are just as smart, but not as competitive.  I know that exams for certain jobs are required, and some, that are very qualified for the job are overlooked, because they didn't work as fast as others, and may not have finished the exam on time.  Even though they may have more insight and knowledge than those who have zipped through the exam.  There are now other methods of testing. and that is good.

Therefore, our future policemen, and those that look after us, will hopefully have many new ways of testing to choose their employees.  Impulsiveness should not be rewarded.  Their should not be time limits set for any test.  Yes, we need fast reaction times, but not at the expense of stopping that extra second or 2 to think through your mission.

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