Saturday, January 16, 2016

Celebrate the Small Things: Holidays (a little late!)

Holidays for our family was a busy time for us.  As divorced grandparents, we are a "modern family", our children are all we care about, and we are madly going from family to family to celebrate with everyone!

I am posting this for those of us Boomers who do have complicated lives.  And those in my age group are the first of them.  I am on the "fence" of the "old and the new" lifestyles.  I still believe in Family, and adore my "merged" family.  My only child is divorced, so this requires 2 more "Families" to visit.  My grandchildren's mother will always be my Daughter-in-Law.  My new Daughter-in Law to be is also loved.  Due to their culture, she will soon give birth to my new granddaughter.  I love my 2 grandchildren now so much, that I don't know how my heart can hold another.

But that is what I LOVE about my heart.  It grows and grows bigger with LOVE.  I can't wait for Ara to be born.  I will hold her, and love her and as she grows, she will be amazing, like Cailin and Parker.

Son Jeff, Daughter-in-Law Susan & Papa John

. Son James and Marussa.

.Our Pets L. Willard, R. Lily

.Grand-daughter Cailin

.Daughter-in law Bev, Parker, & Cailin


  1. Family isn't always as we expect, but with love, we can overcome any obstacle. I've learned this about mine too. You have a beautiful family, Linda!

  2. Thank you for such kind things you said!


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