Thursday, January 21, 2016

Crow vs blackbird

Crow Vs. Blackbird
We were driving  along the road in Desert Aire, and I saw a black bird, that didn't look as obnoxious as a crow.  I didn't see much difference in these birds when I lived on the Northwest Coast.  In fact,

I found their Cawing very annoying.  Of course, the beautiful blue Stellar Jay squaks also.  They all are like gorgeous people with terrible voices.  

When we moved to our wonderful home in Desert Aire, on the Colombia River, I began to notoce birds with red on their wings, blue birds that were crow-like, and Black Birds, daintier than crows, or Ravens, so I looked them up in my bird book, and found that there were many kinds of "crows" and some of them were quite pretty.  You. whom do not live in this area, don't know that we can see many more creatures, because of lack of luscious cedar anCCd fir trees, and greenery.  So I was quite in awe of the markings on black and blue birds.  Even the "not so attractive" blackbirds have yellow beaks , or blue ones.   I became quite interested in them.

While in a Waiting Room in a Doctors office, (where seniors spend a lot of their time, as their bodies become in need of the medications that they  can't afford), I came upon an Audubon magazine about, guess what!  "Crows' Feats".  I know that our Good Lord does bring these amazing creatures to my attention, because I thought they were so ugly and annoying.
When I began to become more of a bird watcher, I saw beautiful blackbirds with bright red markings.  I found out, after studying my Sibley Bird book, that it was a kind of crow!

The members of the Crow family, known as the Corvids, are known as some of the most intelligent birds in the world.  This is scary, but the are known to use tools, playing tricks on each other,
and even bury their dead.  And blackbirds are darker shades of blue, and when the light hits them juat
 right, their yellow beaks and slight color changes are amazing. . The amazing behavior of Corvids has fascinated scientists for a  great group of birThe Hyds to study,  There are plenty of them, and their brains are large compared to the rest of their bodies,  The Hippocampus of aPinyon Jay, or a nutcracker gives them amazing memories.--Crows and Ravens large areas in their brains make them closer to primates in their abilities to analyse problems and come to solutions for a variety ot things., and higher levels of sensory processing and sensory behaviors. 

An experiment marked a Raven, gave it information , and it remembered it 10 years later.  I could go on, but I am afraid of quoting the Audubon Information on crows and hawks Feats.  If only they had singing lessons for them.  Their voices are so annoying, even the Stellar Jay!

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