Thursday, January 21, 2016


What a concept!  It even replaced Email as a way of communicating so amazing that I have been  reacquainted with many old friends as well as new.  Of course, with something like this, there
is bound to be problems.
  Now, after being inundated with massive amounts of  SPAM all over
all of my writings, and photos meant for friends and family, it is hard to sift through everything
to find new messages, and not knowing if they are for me, or for everyone on your lists.  I will be writing away and BLING!  see Sally Field's claim that she is no longer acting. and then her mug displaying before and after views of having miraculous changes by using only someone's miracle cream.  Suddenly, she has many jobs, and her wrinkles and jowls have disappeared.

I wonder if these stars are even aware of their image plastered in facebook ads.  Many pop up with wigs of many colors.  I really want a blonde one like Jane Fonda's.  It would really show you how you would look with hair of many hues.  Humm.

And the games like BINGO and one that you have to search for images hidden in pictures.  I was happily playing one when, suddenly you are locked out until someone asks for you, or you pay some amount .  I refuse to pay like $1.00 a line, or something.  If it's free, I'll do it!  At that rate, I would spend $100 dollars a day on games.  Some people do spend money on online games.
I suppose it is no different than going to a Casino.  You really spend all day on facebook, unless you are playing with your Cell phone., or writing on you Blog.  I am starting on my 3rd hour on my computer, and I will stop now until I figure out how to put  Facebook pictures on my blog, or blog pictures on facebook


  1. Much silliness is on facebook but it is a good way to see things about people you know. Idon't look at most things but for people I know I look for their status and not so much at what they "share".

  2. Oh I agree. I'm glad your blog doesn't have Ads, although I suppose that's an option. But even there, blogs with Ads do not feel as intrusive (or silly) as Facebook.

  3. Great! We could put up ads for our own writing!

  4. It's pretty easy to get sucked into social media. There's always something going on, but it can be really distracting. But I think there are settings you can choose that will stop the ads popping up on your screen plus limit the spam you get. Check the little "v" at the top right of the stuff you don't want to see in the feed and click "See Fewer of These Posts." Good luck, and thanks for joining the Celebrate hop! I look forward to seeing your Friday posts! :)


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