Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Linda's Theories:

Over the years, I have developed some of my own observations:

1)The 1st one being My Theory of Fat Transposition

Adipose cannot be dissolved.  It just moves from one person to another.  Like whenever
a friend loses 10 pounds, I usually   gain them.  I can't take them off unless I find someone
else to take them.

2) My Theory of Diets.

If you lose a great deal of weight by ordering special foods and their wonderful portions and
meals they have previously prepared for you, and when you quit and gain it all back, you finally
realize that:

A few people that are either models or movie stars have a very fast metabolism.  OR

The only way to lose weight is to starve--ALL OF THE TIME.  Face it--most thin people don't
eat.  When you go out for lunch, they order a small dinner salad.  That's it  No hot turkey sandwiches
smothered with rich turkey gravy, or club sandwiches made with 3 slices of bread each 1/2, and a huge bowl of clam chower with pie for dessert.....with diet pop  .ect.  Like ordering a diet drink makes the food binge OK.

3) My Theory of Death:

I lost my father-in-law,paternal grandfather, and  maternal grandmother right before my son, my
cousin's daughter, and my other cousin's son were born.  In other words, someone is born to take
their place.  My son is a lot like his grandfather--immersed in Boy Scouts, and a scout leader,
Love to cook, fish, and hunt;  etc.


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  1. Your theory of the transmigration of fat is funny.


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