Sunday, August 16, 2015



My favorite television show "Perception" was cancelled this year!  Even though the show was quirky, I enjoyed it immensely.  Eric McCormick plays a schizophrenic who has visions of the "perp" ( I hate it when crime shows use the terms "perp"  and "vic" over and over again as though they are really trying to be just like the real guys.  It is stupid, and terrible acting).

Anyway,  Perception is a word that fits the epiphany  I just had today, in regards to my real self, and how old I really am. I was at a gathering, and a fellow Presbyterian, whom I highly respect, was telling a story of what happened at his 55th high school class reunion.  I was stunned, because "I", super young "me", had just had my 50th class reunion, and I'm not nearly that old!  I figured that he had to be at least 80!

Then, I began to do the math.  If he was speaking about his event being a few years in the past, and then I added that many years to my age, perhaps it may be 10 years or so.  I realized that I was not that far from being what I consider what his age is,  Or maybe I look older than I think I look.
A person looks in the mirror and sees only what their brain thinks they they look like.  I had better either get a face lift, or except the fact that I am old!

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